Britton Orrange

Britton Orrange


Britton is a professional photographer currently residing in Austin, Texas. His technical skills are second to none and his experience spans the full range of commercial, event, editorial photography and video production.


Serious Technical Chops

Britton is an alumni of Brooks Institute, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Scientific Commercial Photography.  He often credits his experience as a “Brookie” when asked how he got started in photography. “I’ve found that with Brook’s reputation I can go almost anywhere and get my foot in the door.”

Brooks Institute for Photography and Film


Dell Product at Vibe Studio

High-End Producer for Agencies

Britton also works at VIBE – Dell Computer’s studio for in-house media production. “VIBE” stands for Visual Identity Brand Experience and has prepared Britton in many ways to collaborate in agency work. He’s regularly engaged in massive photo and video projects having worked with agencies like Y&R, Adpeople and (Austin’s own) GSD&M.


Loves Film, Shooting People

You’re just as likely to find Britton developing his own black-and-white photos at home as you are to spot him breaking down enemies in a heated paintball match.

You can find a lot of his personal interest in fine art and sports on his websites: and

Paintball Photo by Britton Orrange