Jon Baltazar

Jon Baltazar


Jon brings a lot of experience and innovative thinking to web & database development. He has worked extensively with server-side and client-side scripting to create custom web applications and has a talent for coding elegant and resourceful solutions.


Innovating New Possibilities for Web Development

Jon is actively developing Krafter, an open-source web development framework that addresses the needs of large scale web applications. Krafter uses C++ and XML to create an alternative to popular web scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc…) and gives the raw power of native code back to web programmers. Krafter attempts to minimize the learning curve associated with C++ by doing all the dirty work and letting developers focus on code.

Krafter C++ Web Development Framework


Flight vectors

Focus on Education

While earning his degree in physics from The University of Texas, Jon developed an interest in math and science education. The biggest problem facing education is that there is too much theory and very little application. Jon has a vision to draw students to the classroom by combining learning with gaming. The goal is to design video games that are enhanced by skills in calculus and physics. Students will learn at a young age that knowledge is useful when it can be applied directly to gaming.


Avid “Indoorsman”

“Oh, it’s nice outside?” In addition to his devotion to computing, Jon has an immense passion for the indoors. He enjoys surfing the internet, playing video games, reading, watching television, and movies.

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